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Annual Report 2003

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Hot Rolled Products


BlueScope Steel hot rolled products



  2003 2002
Sales Revenue1 2,626 2,122
EBITDA2 591 207
EBIT2 471 97
Capex 83 80
Net operating Assets (pre tax) 1,840 1,850
Return on Net Assests (pre tax)3 25.7% 5.3%

1. Excludes North Star BHP Steel joint venture revenue.
2. Includes 50% share of the Net Profit from North Star BHP Steel of $69m in 2003 ($2m profit in 2002).
3.Return on Net Assets is defined as EBIT/average monthly Net Operating Assets.

Our Hot Rolled Products businesses contributed $471 million in earnings before interest and tax in 2002/03, up 386 per cent from $97 million in the prior year.

We achieved record raw steel production, reflecting better operational performance, higher scrap usage and reduced industrial action at Port Kembla Steelworks.

Our safety record was also excellent, with all areas of business improving their safety performance.

There was increased focus on environmental management and all sites have now achieved ISO 14001 certification. In January, the Port Kembla Five Year Environment Improvement Plan came into effect. This will see the Company engage in a number of important new projects to further reduce emissions, improve water management and add to visual amenity around the steelworks. During the year, we completed the $94 million Sinter Machine Emission Reduction Project, which has significantly reduced dust emissions from the Port Kembla plant, and commenced the implementation of new waste gas cleaning technology.

North Star BHP Steel in the USA achieved new levels of production, operational efficiency and profitability. It was rated the number one flat steel producer in the USA in the prestigious Jacobson survey.


We produce a wide range of steel products for Australian and international customers including slab, hot rolled coil and plate. Recently, we launched the new XLERPLATE® and XLERCOIL® range of branded plate and coil products. These new brand names embrace the strength and reputation of the Company brand, while providing an evolution of benefits for users of plate and coil products.

Our strong domestic market positions are supported by the flexible supply arrangements and technical support we offer our customers enabling us to differentiate ourselves from importers.

In export markets, we are working hard at consolidating the position we have gained through our long-standing customer relationships and we have been successful in building a reputation as a supplier of high-quality steel products for industrial markets.

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