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Annual Report 2003

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With our diverse group of customers, our leading products and brands, and our valuable network of manufacturing operations, roll-formers and service centres, we are ideally positioned in our region to assist architects, builders, engineers and families realise their dreams in steel



Throughout the world, we have an array of channels to market, including direct selling to end-use customers in diverse markets and via steel distributors.

The products we sell into Australian domestic markets have a wide array of end-uses. Sales are made to the construction (dwellings, non-dwellings and infrastructure), manufacturing, automotive and transport, packaging, rural and mining segments.

In Australia, the majority of our steel slab is processed through our operations into hot and cold rolled steel coil or steel plate.

We sell hot rolled coil to other Australian manufacturers, who convert it into pipe and tube. Steel plate is sold to fabricators for products such as wind towers. Manufacturers convert our tinplate into cans for everyday items such as tinned fruit. Our high-quality coated and painted steel is sought by manufacturers of whitegoods and automotive industry customers.

We sell our ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel to roll-formers throughout our region, including our own Lysaght operations. These customers cut and shape our coated and painted steel for residential roofing and fencing use, as well as roofing and walling for industrial and commercial applications. In the building products segment, Lysaght sells steel for construction applications ranging from house roofing to BONDEK® structural decking in high-rise buildings.

In New Zealand, we supply a full range of flat steel products to the building and construction industry, including to roll-formers and merchants.

In Asia, we have achieved the premier market position for our world-class coated products Clean COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel, with a full array of supplementary products for our target market segments. Our Lysaght steel solution companies focus on delivering innovative building supply packages to discerning customers in 12 countries. Landmark buildings such as the new Beijing and Hanoi airports, Taipei Civil Sports Centre and Guangzhou Sports Stadium have all specified LYSAGHT® products.

In the USA, our North Star BlueScope Steel joint venture produces hot rolled coil for local markets. We also export slab and hot rolled coil from Australia to the USA, to be re-rolled and supplied to the West Coast building and construction market.

We also export a range of products to customers located elsewhere in Asia, the Americas, as well as in Europe and Africa.

To complement our global sales operations, we have market-leading e-commerce systems that enable customers to directly place orders, and our transport and logistics business delivers supply chain solutions to support our market offers.


About 55 per cent of our revenue in 2002/03 was generated from value-added coated, tin, painted and roll-formed products.


By tonnage, about 41 per cent of our total sales in 2002/03 were to the Australian domestic market, which is our largest single market.