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Coated Products Asia


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  2003 2002
Sales Revenue 569 530
EBITDA 109 96
EBIT 84 71
Capex 36 22
Net operating Assets (pre tax) 404 437
Return on Net Assests (pre tax)1 18.9% 15.2%

1. Return on Net Assets is defined as EBIT/average monthly Net Operating Assets

The performance of Coated Products Asia has improved year-on-year for the past four years and, in 2002/03, contributed $84 million in earnings before interest and tax.

Our employees led the way in safety. At 30 June 2003, the 1,800 employees at our Asian businesses had reached 5 million hours without a single lost time injury.

Across all of our businesses in Asia we did not have a single lost time injury during the past 12 months.

Asia is the Company's core growth geography. We have been operating businesses here for over 30 years and our businesses in this region are dynamic, performing well and have tremendous potential for growth.

In March 2003, two new roll-forming operations were opened in China, at Langfang near Beijing and in the western city of Chengdu. These businesses are now fully operational and are fulfilling the needs of our customers in north-east and central China.

In August 2003, we announced a capital investment of $160 million to develop a metallic coating and painting facility in Vietnam. Production will come on stream in 2006.

In Indonesia, we acquired the shareholding of our partner to move to 100 per cent ownership of our coating business and continued to upgrade its paint line to double production capacity. This project is scheduled to come on stream by late 2003.

We have a unique marketing footprint in Asia which allows us to meet our customers' needs. No other steel company can match our network of coating and painting lines and roll-forming facilities or our array of in-market sales offices, which provide our platform for growth.


Over the years, the Company has developed a reputation with customers as a quality producer of flat steel products and building solutions throughout Asia and the Pacific. The basis for our success in this region is our range of value-added products matched to our customers' needs. These are coated and painted steels processed into products for the building and construction industry. They include some well-known brands in the region - many with performance characteristics particularly suited to local conditions.

For example, Clean COLORBOND® steel has been developed for our Asian markets and is especially resistant to staining and discolouration in tropical conditions. Additionally, we have developed a range of local brands - for example, in Indonesia we have developed PELANGI®, ABADI®, GEMILANG® and ANCOR™ steel - all targeted at different segments in the building and construction industries.

During 2003, Lysaght Thailand launched the SANTAI™ brand of roll-formed products, designed for the hardware distribution channel. We have also continued to progress the transformation of our Lysaght businesses, by evolving from suppliers of components to suppliers of complete building solutions. To this end, the Lysaght businesses in the region have focused on developing and delivering innovative building supply packages to increasingly discerning customers in 12 countries.

During the year, we extended the sales of our Pre-Engineered Buildings throughout China and South East Asia, commissioned SMARTRUSS™ equipment for the manufacture of lightweight roof frames in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and launched our own proprietary POWERDEK™ structural decking products in South East Asia.

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