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Annual Report 2003

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The Lookout House - Red Hill, Victoria, Australia


In Australia, our Port Kembla Steelworks in New South Wales is the nation's largest steel manufacturing facility, producing slab, hot rolled coil and plate.

At Western Port in Victoria, we operate hot rolling, cold rolling, metal coating and painting facilities. Another cold rolling, metal coating and painting facility is located at Springhill, adjacent to the Port Kembla Steelworks, and we have painting operations at service centres in Sydney and in Brisbane.

Our network of seven service centres across Australia slits and shears steel for a wide range of manufacturing applications and delivers product to customers' requirements.

In New Zealand, we operate the only integrated steelworks at Glenbrook near Auckland.

In the Asian region, we have cold rolling, metal coating and painting operations in Thailand, and metal coating and painting operations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lysaght, our building products business, operates 42 roll-forming plants across Australia and twelve other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

In the USA, we own a 50 per cent share in the North Star BHP Steel mini-mill in Ohio, producing hot rolled coil, and a 47.5 per cent share in Castrip LLC, a joint venture company formed to develop the Castrip® technology, usually referred to as "thin strip casting".

In the past year, our steelmaking operations produced 6.494 million tonnes of raw steel. Across the Company, we have more than 11,000 employees located in 20 countries.