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Case Study 4 - New Zealand, New Zealand Steel dives into beach  clean-up


Vehicle wrecks and other discarded steel items were collected and sent for recycling

New Zealand Steel has a strong association with Kariotahi Beach on the west coast, south of Auckland. The beach is approximately 16 kilometres long, extending from the Waikato River mouth. The iron-rich sand mined at the Waikato River mouth is used in New Zealand Steel's steelmaking process.

Given this strong association, a beach clean-up day was organised in March 2003 as part of the Company's Business Clean-Up Program.

The clean-up day was a response to an inspection of the beach that revealed piles of glass bottles, approximately 20 car wrecks, wire residue from burnt tyres and large quantities of general rubbish.

The event was strongly supported by employees and their families.

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